all this wishing i was dead is getting old, it’s getting old.

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Revenge, revenge is sweet

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life hack


if you ever see danzig, call him d-money.
he probably wont like it.

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Every Time I Die - INRIhab

We never loved ourselves so well
As when we lusted after another
We hummed along to electric guitars
And the standard, whoa oh oh oh’s
And we drank each other under the covers

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one of us will be betrayed it’s not enough for you to say
"i’m sorry" or lie about it all you’re a meglo-nymph & your mating call is
money & religion, segregation & division
your dirty cash in the pockets of the wicked politicians
lobbying for slavery in a new and modern way
repenting when you’re caught, but this is what i say: 

you’re sick, i hate you you stupid motherfucker
you’re so fuckin’ blind you have no fuckin’ mind
you’re nazi white-trash your words come out like shit
you’re so fuckin’ sick you’re such a fuckin’ prick 

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Commissioned painting from a month or so ago


Commissioned painting from a month or so ago

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